Moms know that swaddling can help their baby sleep better by making them feel snug and secure. Yet, some babies just need more room to move than others.

Typical swaddling is meant to keep arms and legs tucked close to the body. For moms, modifying this system isn’t easy or practical. Happily, there are alternatives that find a middle ground between “swaddled tight” and “loose enough to move.” This is especially helpful for babies who are new to swaddling or for babies who are transitioning out of the swaddle.

Yet, swaddling with a blanket isn’t always easy (especially for tired moms). And babies can often wriggle and kick their way out, leaving you to re-wrap again and again.

Luckily, there are alternatives to traditional swaddling that don’t involve folding an infant into a blanket just so.


The Sleeping Bag: A Swaddle Alternative



This alternative to the swaddle keeps baby cozy, while eliminating loose bedding in the crib. It’s a “sack” that helps babies stay snug and warm during the night, while safely providing a little room to move.

  • Arms Out/Room to Kick: Baby’s arms are always out in this bag, so not only are they free to move, they can push up if they roll onto their tummy. With plenty of room at the bottom, babies can also kick and move their legs.
  • Easy-to-Use: This bag zips-up to make putting your baby inside a snap; and they won’t wiggle out. Plus, a two-way zipper means that just the bottom can be unzipped for quick and easy diaper changes.
  • Transition-Friendly: This swaddle is great for babies who need an alternative to swaddling, either because they are new to swaddling or because they need room to move while they sleep. It’s also great for moms who are looking for a way to transition older babies out of the swaddle.

Comfortable: The material — a jersey knit — is soft, breathable, and flexible. It’s also machine washable.


“Some babies just need more room to move than others.”

“My baby is too young to sleep with a blanket, but hates to have the arms swaddled. The sleeping bag takes care of both of these issues.” — Mom and Peanut Sleeping Bag owner