While older babies often crave the comfort of a swaddle, their little bodies are becoming increasingly mobile. Traditional blanket swaddling simply doesn’t lend itself to active babies who are working on their rollover.

For moms who also keep baby engaged in play inside a swing or a bouncer, striking a balance between swaddle time and mobility can be a challenge.

Thankfully, there are new swaddles that provide freedom for baby, and also help moms make a smooth transition out of the swaddle.



Finding an Active Baby Swaddle



This swaddle is perfect for the baby who is starting to roll over or is ready to transition out of swaddling. It uses a snap/unsnap system to allow for baby’s arms to be either in or out, depending on what they’re doing.

  • Snap In/Snap Out: It’s a 2-in-1. The system is simple, you just snap or unsnap for arms-in or arms-out.
  • Snugness without Restriction: A unique peanut shape gently hugs shoulders and hips for a safe and snug fit. With arms-out, babies can also push themselves up if they roll onto their tummies.
  • Easy Diaper Changes: This swaddle uses a two-way zip, so baby can stay snug up top, while the bottom unzips for easier diaper changes.
  • Comfortable: The material is flexible and yet soft-to-the-touch, because it’s made almost completely from natural fibers (95% cotton).


“Traditional blanket swaddling simply doesn’t lend itself to active babies who are working on their rollover.”



This swaddle is ideal for babies who love to kick or who have a lot of bouncer time. It has many of the same features as the Perfect Peanut, including the two-way zip for easy diaper changes and natural materials. This swaddle, however, keeps the arms tucked in and lets the legs move freely. With Peanut Leggies, baby’s legs fit into two separate leg holes, for an uninhibited kick. It also means you can place baby in a bouncer and they can move their legs, while staying snuggly swaddled up-top.