Most moms are taught to swaddle a newborn using a standard hospital-style swaddle blanket. But once their newborn arrives, they quickly realize the problem with standard swaddle blankets: there’s no such thing as a “standard” baby!

Any new mom will tell you newborns are pre-wired with their own personalities and preferences, right down to the way they like to be swaddled. While many newborns will squirm and kick their way out of standard swaddles, most do crave the snugness and security a swaddle provides.

Fortunately, today’s moms have more options than ever to keep baby bundled up (without having to re-swaddle every few minutes). Choosing the right one is as easy as understanding your baby’s personality.



For newborns and babies who love that tight, snuggled-up feeling, these are great alternatives to traditional swaddles.

  • The Perfect Peanut Swaddle (also known as the “Woombie” swaddle) is our take on the traditional swaddle, created by a real mom. Since it zips up instead of wrapping, it makes bed time and middle-of-the-night diaper changes a little easier.
  • The Perfect Amount of Snug: The unique peanut shape gently hugs shoulders and hips, eliminates unnecessary layers, and you never have to worry about wrapping too tight or too loose.

Like the Perfect Peanut, the Peanut Air Swaddle keeps baby snug and easily zips on. This one has a soft mesh vent in the fabric to help baby stay comfortable.

“The problem with standard swaddle blankets: there’s no such thing as a “standard” baby!”



Some babies wiggle their arms or legs out of traditional swaddles. Others need a little more wiggle room because they’re rolling over, or need to be swaddled in a bouncer or sleeper. These are great options for transitioning out of swaddling, while keeping baby snug.

  • The Peanut Convertible swaddle can be used two ways: arms in or arms out. This is a great alternative to traditional swaddle blankets for babies who tend to wiggle their arms out of traditional swaddle blankets. And, it easily zips up instead of wrapping, making it easier on Mom.

For little kickers (or babies who can’t get enough of their bouncer), there’s the Peanut Leggies swaddle. It’s a snug, arms-in swaddle up top, with separate legs at the bottom.



This swaddle alternative helps eliminate loose bedding, while keeping baby cozy all night. Perfect for older babies.

  • The Peanut Sleeping Bag zips up like the other Peanut swaddles (making for easy bed times and diaper changes), but allows baby to wiggle and move. Arms are out, and there is plenty of leg room at the bottom.