A mom (and nurse) handmade the first Woombie when she needed a swaddle her newborn daughter couldn’t wiggle out of. Instead of wrapping like a traditional swaddle, Woombie simply zipped up in a peanut shape that gently hugged her baby, helping her sleep peacefully. Comfort & Harmony is proud to partner with this amazing mom and entrepreneur to offer an entire collection of unique peanut swaddles.




Our little Bella came five weeks early. Her strong startle reflex caused her to unravel herself about every 15 minutes…ALL NIGHT LONG. I found Bella time and time again with the swaddle blanket unwrapped and up over her face making her hot and red – very scary to say the least.

We tried every swaddle we could find; even the ones with Velcro – but nothing worked. These long nights affected everyone in our family – it was both emotionally and physically draining for all of us.

“Whenever I get a letter from a mom telling me that she was able to get her baby to sleep for the very first time […] – it makes all the hard work worthwhile.” -Karen Barski


I made up my mind that I was going to find a solution. With my RN background, mom-determination and average sewing skills, I took out my grandmother’s sewing machine one sleepless night and created the first Woombie Swaddle. I needed something that would stay intact and snug, but at the same time I wanted a fabric that would allow my baby to stretch when she needed to, but return to the snug, cocoon-like peanut shape afterwards. I created a swaddle that didn’t pin her little arms to her side, but was instead a stretchy but effective peanut shape that imitated the womb. Bella loved it and started sleeping better right away.

I added a 2-way zipper to make those diaper changes in the middle of the night a little easier, and it’s only one layer of fabric as opposed to multiple layers of wrapping like traditional swaddling.

Whenever I get a letter from a mom telling me that she was able to get her baby to sleep for the very first time, and is so thankful – it makes all the hard work worthwhile. I’m so happy to share my swaddle creation with moms everywhere!”